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In addition to the supply and installation of Tenpin Bowling Equipment, NBRC offer a range of attractions that have been incorporated into the Australian Marketplace with significant success. These attractions are briefly listed below. NBRC arrange for the purchase, installation and training on each of these attractions and have selected same from amongst many suppliers of similar products on the basis of their uniqueness, reliability, performance and after sales service. By purchasing these products through NBRC this Company stand by the reliability of same and will provide supplier warranties in respect of these attractions.
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In addition to the supply and installation of Tenpin Bowling Equipment, NBRC offer a range of attractions that have been incorporated into the Australian Marketplace with significant success.


The Dark Ride is a multi-dimensional theatre that takes 8 participants (at a time) on an exhilarating, heart pumping ride immersing them into a number of different worlds depending on the ‘movie’ being played – from Aliens to Zombies onto a hell-raising car chase to bandits and pirates. All movies are in 3D reflection.

There are different versions of the Dark Ride but the only one we would be advocating is the XD version which simply means multi-dimensional. In this version the seats are in ‘full motion’ throughout the ride. They are synchronised with the movie so that the full immersive experience is felt by the participant and is not too far different from a roller coaster ride. Another dimension is that each player has a ‘phaser’ at the side of their seat which they use to shoot at the screen to disable the alien / Zombie attack or eliminate the pirates etc and points are awarded on an individual basis so that the 8 players on each ‘ride’ compete against one another.

Once the player enters the Theatre they are seat-belted, and the full experience is explained to them. Each movie begins with a practice run so that the player gets the feel of the phaser and how it will interact with the Movie. Once this has been explained the curtain behind the seats closes, the air hits the player and the movie begins to roll. For the next 3 – 4 minutes the player goes through amazing experiences that fills them with such unique experiences second by second as no matter how many times they play, the same ride never lacks the excitement they experience on their very first ride.

The movies are interchangeable through an operators desk and can be switched to accommodate the particular age group of players on each ride – the movies go from mild to intense and there are movies to fill the full spectrum between the two extremes. My suggestion is that you start with three movies which will cover all age Groups and thrill seeking patrons.
The link below provides a sense of the experience.
Full Construction details are available upon request.
The XD Theatre is “the” attraction in a multi-attraction venue. Customers will come from far and wide to experience the excitement of this ride and once played will want to play it repeatedly. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT!


NBRC have contracted with the Leading manufacturers of Dodgem Cars to supply a range of Dodgem cars according to their required application. These Dodgem cars come in 3 sizes to accommodate the individual needs and requirements of each proprietor. The Cars are constructed of high quality fibreglass and come in the 3 different sizes:-

The Mini Car caters more to kids up to the age of 12 – Adults will not fit into this car
The Midi is the most popular model as it can accommodate an Adult and a Child and
The Maxi which is the largest version and really is for the adult market as kids will not be able to enjoy the individual driving experience in this vehicle as the controls are intended for use by adults only.

The cars come in a variety of colours, are extremely robust and are controlled through an electrified floor that generates power through to the car. The speed of the cars can be adjusted and controlled to accommodate the needs and ages of the drivers.

These cars are manufactured in Italy by a most reputable manufacturer.


NBRC have arrangements with all the leading suppliers of amusement games sourced from around the world. The games will be built to Australian specification and fitted with either coin mechanisms or RFID readers depending on the needs of the individual proprietor. NBRC provide an exhaustive choice of both Video Games and Redemption games at highly competitive pricing. They can also advise on the design of redemption shops, counters or self-service prize redemption vending machines.


NBRC provides exclusive design services for the Construction of themed Laser Tag Arenas. They are able to facilitate the acquisition of all Laser Tag equipment from reliable local suppliers and can offer a variety of spectacular themes and animation that add to the excitement of this popular attraction. NBRC are also able to arrange for the lighting and haze that adds to the atmosphere of the Arena and offer a complete turn-key laser package.

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