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Revenue generated globally

More than just entertainment...
7 in 10 millenials enjoy Bowling as a friends' night out.
65% of Bowlers eat on their first visit
63% of Bowlers consume alcohol during their first visit.
Appeals to every age & every demographic
Year-round revenue
Repeat customers
Longer visits
Higher Spend per visit
Long term value
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NBRC provide both Technical and financial advice in regard to the nature and relevance of the various alternatives available in regard to the inclusion of bowling within a facility.

Bowling Equipment

NBRC provide both Technical and financial advice in regard to the nature and relevance of the various alternatives available in regard to the inclusion of bowling within a facility. The Brunswick Company have developed unique designs within their considerable range of bowling products and have the flexibility to align their products with the theming and requirement of the end user.

The Brunswick Pinsetter

The Brunswick Pinsetter
Available through this extensive range and based on the nature of the facility being proposed and the demographics to be catered to, NBRC can assist in the selection and design of this component to satisfy the needs of the Operators. Whether it is appropriate to introduce the traditional Bowling Pinsetter ideally suited to the larger and more traditional facility that offers a large footprint that can accommodate multiple lanes for League, Tournament and Social Play or the exceedingly more popular Stringpin Pinsetter used primarily in the ‘entertainment type’ facility where bowling serves as a key attraction amongst others, NBRC through their principal, Brunswick Bowling Corp, can provide the appropriate equipment and expert advice to service the needs of the individual customer and venue.

The Bowling Lanes

The Bowling Lanes
Exclusive to the Brunswick Brand is also a variety of bowling lane finishes. From the traditional Synthetic Glow in the dark lanes to coloured lanes that complement the design of the facility to custom designed lanes that will enhance the theming of the venue, Brunswick have the manufacturing and design capability and expertise to assist operators in bringing to life the uniqueness of the attraction.
Recently announced and now available for installation Brunswick have developed their ‘EPICENTRE’ Lanes which boasts the same design capability as the traditional lane other than the fact that the Epicentre lanes come in various lane lengths. This revolution in being able to accommodate the ‘traditional’ bowling game is reduced lengths of both 30ft and 45ft allows proprietors with the opportunity to include bowling to within a reduced area whilst maintaining the customer experience of traditional bowling where the same size bowling balls, Pins sizing (if required) are used.

The new Sync Computer Scoring System

The new Sync Computer Scoring System
Complementing their unique range of bowling equipment is the new Brunswick Sync computer scoring system.
This System consists of several pieces of equipment that can be divided into two subsystems, the Scoring System and the Centre Network System. The scoring system consists of electronic assemblies located in the bowler and pinsetter areas. These assemblies control the pinsetter, perform automatic scoring functions, provide the bowler with input capabilities and display information about the game in progress. The scoring system is available with keypads or tablets and overhead monitors. A peripheral controller interfaces with the bowler keypad or tablets and a display controller supplies video for the overhead monitors. Additional equipment such as Pin Cameras or pinsetters and automated bumpers are connected to the peripheral camera as needed.
The centre network system consists of one or more computers located at the Control Desk and as needed at various other locations around the bowling centre. The main function of the centre management system is to provide the bowling centre personnel convenient control of the scoring system and lanes from the control desk as well as POS terminals for other areas of the Centre.

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